Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas is one of the founders of Legacy and was vital to their first tournaments and first leagues. He is a USA Ultimate certified Tournament Director and advices Legacy personnel on various events. He is currently serving as the Vice President of Legacy and in that role helps shape the direction of the organization. His primary goal for Legacy is to increase youth and women involvement in Ultimate throughout the Southern California area.

Tyler Jefferies

Tyler Jefferies is one of the founders of Legacy and has been an Event Director with the organization since the beginning of Legacy. He is a USA Ultimate certified Tournament Director and has taken the USA Ultimate Coaching Certification Class I. He has been in charge of all events for the past five years and assists with the administration of Legacy. His primary goal is to create exciting events and expand the organization in San Diego, Baja California and Tanzania through the youth in the local community.

Chad Falgout

Chad Falgout is a founding member of Legacy and former collegiate and club ultimate player. He has a passion for introducing Legacy to local communities while instilling values of teamwork, integrity, and spirit of the game.


Jonathan Breese

Jonathan Breese has been a part of Legacy as a player for the past three years. He was a college ultimate frisbee player and excelled very well at the craft of ultimate frisbee. He is proud to be a part of Legacy as a player. As he continued to excel with Legacy and Ultimate frisbee he has taken on many different rolls. He has spearheaded a coaching profession with an exciting High School team at High Tech High in Point Loma. In addition to his coaching he has also excelled at the club level ultimate frisbee in San Diego with Sculpin. When he has free time he also runs the Legacy League as the League Commissioner for Middle School and adult league. He runs all of Legacy Pick-up games. He loves the game of ultimate frisbee and shares the Legacy dream of making San Diego the leading community of ultimate frisbee players in the United States. He is currently taking command of the Legacy Mixed Club team. Call for more information +1 (619) 791-5643

Moises Morales

Moises Morales is a high school junior who takes photos for Legacy Ultimate Frisbee. Moises has always loved photography and always wanted to use his skills to benefit others. Moises volunteers for Legacy and takes pictures of the Ultimate Frisbee plays at tournaments and leagues. He will be running his very own Photography Studio and if you would like to hire him he is available. Please send him an email with any questions you might have about an event you are having.

Noah Husman

Noah Husman has been a part of Legacy as a player for the past 2 years. He started playing ultimate in High School and fine-tuned his skills when he help found Missouri S&T Miner Threat in College. He helped them reach regionals twice and 3rd place at D-3 Nationals. He is glad to be a part of the Legacy Community, helping out where he can. Recently he has started being an assistant coach for the High Tech High in Point Loma. He has also helps to run the weekday Legacy Pick-up games. During his free time he loves participating in ultimate leagues and traveling to various tournaments with friends and the Legacy Club Mixed Team. He is very passionate about the sport and is committed to the Legacy Dream of making San Diego a leading community of ultimate Frisbee.